*COYOTES AS NEIGHBORS, by CoyoteCoexistence.Com, VIDEO in English-Spanish-Chinese

A “one stop” video on urban coyotes as neighbors, in English or Spanish or Mandarin Chinese.

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click on image for written transcription of video

High Desert Dog published a written transcription of the “Coyotes As Neighbors” video in their Spring, 2015 edition. If you prefer READING rather than BEING SHOWN the information in the video, click on this image.

-Coyotes: 1:22
-Vocalizations: 6:06
-Coyotes And People: 9:19
-Shooing off A Coyote Generally: 13:22
-Coyotes And Pets: 14:22
-Shooing off a Coyote From Your Pet: 18:24
-Summary Guidelines for Individuals: 20:56
-Summary Guidelines for Pets: 21:33
-CoyoteCoexistence.Com: 28:25
-Who We Are: 28:44

Our video has been UPDATED again, 6-13-2013. We are making this video available for use by others who want to educate their neighborhoods about their coyote neighbors and guidelines for coexistence. Its cutting-edge, unique approach concentrates on coyote himself. A muted version will also be available for presentations at meetings, and so will shorter clips of specific sub-topics, such as “shooing-off”. Contact us at CoyoteCoexistence@gmail.com for more details.

Please make sure to give credit to CoyoteCoexistence.Com if you use this video. Also, please don’t make alterations. The reason for this is that, in the past, our photos and text material have been “extracted” and published out of context, with the result that the message was altered and even switched around from what was intended. This video contains ideas that depend on others within the video: alteration or partial use is forbidden.


visit us at coyotecoexistence.com

*CoyoteCoexistence.Com: Welcome

Welcome to Coyote Coexistence and thank you for looking us up. We are a 100%-volunteer team.

Our aim is to promote education about coexistence in order to stop coyote trapping and killing. We began in the Atlanta area but are now available to help elsewhere. We need to spread the word about coexistence, an alternative coyote management approach, which works in other urban areas: Denver, Seattle, Vancouver, Chicago, New York, San Francisco. A coexistence policy can work in our community.

Many in our community are alarmed by inhumane practices being employed in our area. All trapped coyotes must be killed according to Georgia law. Pelts are often sold and end up lining coats in China or Russia. One exception to the law allows for live coyotes to be sold to baiting organizations, which let dogs chase and kill the coyote for entertainment or to fox hunters who let the hunting dogs in training chase and kill coyotes. Let’s stop this cruel treatment now.

A simple coexistence management plan, which features public awareness and education programs, has been shown to be more effective than killing. An effective plan includes modifying both human and coyote behavior. 

When coyotes are trapped and killed, it opens a niche for more coyotes to move into the same habitat. And, right after the killings, when there are fewer coyotes occupying that local habitat, females find more food and produce larger litters. The result—more coyotes in the area and the killing cycle never ends.

A stable coyote population, by contrast, naturally keeps its numbers in check. As coyotes become “wise” — adapted to the habitat they occupy— they, too, learn the ropes of sharing an environment. With both humans and coyotes living within this balance, we get a win-win situation for everyone.

Please sign the petition for the Atlanta area. If you would like to schedule a short presentation for your neighborhood, or if you would like simply to talk about any coyote issues in your neighborhood and how they might be dealt with, please contact us at coyotecoexistence@gmail.com. If you send us a phone number, we will call you. And please spread the word to your neighbors and friends. If you would like to help out more with the effort, you may leave a comment in a moderated comment box in the Q&A section below, or email us at coyotecoexistence@gmail.com.

Thank you,

Meta, Linda and Janet

Loss of a Beloved Pet and Respect for Nature, by Cheryl K

2014-09-14 (5)
I’ve written this mostly for my healing. . . but this is what happened with my pups yesterday.

We started our hike from the horse parking lot at Yellow River to meet a friend that was down the trail at the field and really at the beginning of the trail with 3 bigger dogs and 2 medium sized dogs. Nyla and Cosby were doing their normal marking on the very beginning of the trail about 50 to 100 feet in on the right. Out of the corner of my eye I spot a creature going into the trail from the right (which has a park road entrance not more than 75 feet away on the right) to left and thought it was my friend’s goldn color collie mix. Once my pals got down the trail, they went crazy sniffing on the left side of the trail and took off into the woods. I called for them to leave it (some of the training we had worked on at home, but not enough on the trail) and to come on.

About 10 seconds later my friend’s dogs greeted me and then we heard the screaming of Nyla or Cosby. I screamed that was not good and “something must have gotten them”. My friend said their scream was on the move. I ran, as much as I possibly could, down the trail and up an embankment. I was calling for Cosby and Nyla, but I wished now I would have been more commanding and scared the beast or beasts away. I am frantically calling and looking around for my little pals and see and hear nothing. The area wasn’t more than 75 by 100 feet. . . not a large space, but I saw nothing moving and never saw what we think had to be a coyote. Nyla and Cosby had chased it and it must have tuned around and saw 2 morning snacks, perhaps a meal for its young. The creature was only doing what instincts told it to do.

Finally, my friend said she sees Cosby up the trail and near the parking lot, so I head that way. She said she had Cosby secured in the car and we think he was not harmed. I was screaming do you see Nyla? What about Nyla? About that time, I hear another blood curling scream from my little girl and then nothing. . . absolutely nothing, but I’m screaming for Nyla. Little Bear (collie mix) and Savannah (corgi mix) seem to be on the scent and I continue calling for Nyla and I’m hopeful. Finally I see her. . . She’s on her side and I scream out “oh my god, is she dead? Oh my little Nyla”. I pick her up and run back to the trail and I’m calling for my friend to get the car. She’s breathing, so there is hope! We gather dogs and finally get the car moving and some air, but the air conditioning is not working. There is no air movement and it’s so humid and hot and all I want is some air for Nyla. She struggles to breath and I turn to see Cosby is in the back window pacing, so I think he must be ok. He comes down to the back seat and is looking out the window. I think he is fine. Nyla wants down to the floor board and I think that is a good sign, but there is no damn air there! I keep fiddling with the controls and trying my best to keep Nyla comfortable. I keep telling Nyla I’m sorry this has happened and I love her so much. Cosby comes to my lap and I try to coddle him and he screams out and I find the wounds on his side. He was in the grasp of the beast and had gotten away. Now he gets away from me and to the back seat where he won’t have someone grasping his painfully bruised chest.

We finally get to the Village Vets and Cosby has come back to my lap, so I take him in first and hand him to Kristie, my bike pal Ed’s daughter, who is the most awesome caring and loving vet tech ever. Her daughter has ridden with Nyla and Cosby and follow us on Facebook. I warn that Nyla is much worse off and the second tech comes out to get her. They carry them back and Claire says she will take her crew home and be back. It was so hat and muggy and there was no way to leave them in the car.

In the meantime I look at my iPhone and see it’s 10:35 and just 28 minutes since we had started the hike. I text many of my friends that ride and hike with Nyla, Cosby and I ask for prayers (of course, I leave out so many). My friends Lella and Sue say they are on the way. In the meantime, Kristie texts her dad, who Nyla absolutely adored and was with me the day I found her, and he is there in the waiting room to support his beloved little trail pals. I spotted Nyla coming down the mountain bike parking lot road at Yellow River and called for her and she loved me from that moment on. . . she knew she found her new mom. It was just minutes later that Ed showed up and Nyla was in love and knew she and found her new best mountain biking friend (even though she probably had never seen a trail before). I’m quite sure if you are reading this, I’ve told you the story of how her owners gave her to me and for the next year and nine months we hiked and mountain biked at least 3 days a week on average with so many friends.

I posted on Facebook for prayers and it was comforting to know so many people loved seeing my posts of the pals. Thank you!!!

So they eventually let me back to see the pals and I see that Crosby is fine, but Nyla is struggling. In the meantime, they they are trying to stabilize Nyla to go to Sandy Springs where they have a surgeon on hand and call her condition guarded at best and really critical. About an hour later they call me back and the Doctor McC says Nyla is in cardiac arrest and should they do CPR? I ask what are the chances and they are grave. I choose to let my little girl go with no more pain and suffering as we thankfully can do for our pets. It is so hard to give up a fight for this little creature that loved running on the trails, but making her fight for her life wasn’t an option in my mind.

It is so quiet without her in the house, but her spirit is with us. We won’t be scared off the trails by the coyotes who have just as much right to the trails as we do. We will be making more noise to scare them away, as they are very afraid of humans.

Cosby is moving around much better today and will be as good as gold soon. He loved to go, no matter where. . .

I am so blessed to have so many friends be by my side, call, text and be there with me through this. Thank you all . . .