Video on How to Shoo Off A Coyote

For those interested in their and their dog’s relationship to coyotes, and how to shoo them off, we’ve created this extract video.  It has a shorter viewing time — 20 minutes versus 30 minutes for our Focus On Facts version of Coyotes As Neighbors. HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE OUR BIG PROTOCOL CHANGE (not in the video) FOR WHEN WALKING A DOG: The BEST POLICY ALWAYS IS TOTAL AVOIDANCE: Whether you see a coyote in the distance, approaching you, or at close range, leash your dog and walk away from it, avoiding any kind of confrontation or engagement. This will minimize the potential for dog/coyote interactions. If you feel inclined to shoo it away —  only do so if the coyote is very close, but even then our preferred approach now is TOTAL AVOIDANCE.