*CoyoteCoexistence.Com: Welcome

Welcome to Coyote Coexistence and thank you for looking us up. We are a 100%-volunteer team.

Our aim is to promote education about coexistence in order to stop coyote trapping and killing. We began in the Atlanta area but are now available to help elsewhere. We need to spread the word about coexistence, an alternative coyote management approach, which works in other urban areas: Denver, Seattle, Vancouver, Chicago, New York, San Francisco. A coexistence policy can work in our community.

Many in our community are alarmed by inhumane practices being employed in our area. All trapped coyotes must be killed according to Georgia law. Pelts are often sold and end up lining coats in China or Russia. One exception to the law allows for live coyotes to be sold to baiting organizations, which let dogs chase and kill the coyote for entertainment or to fox hunters who let the hunting dogs in training chase and kill coyotes. Let’s stop this cruel treatment now.

A simple coexistence management plan, which features public awareness and education programs, has been shown to be more effective than killing. An effective plan includes modifying both human and coyote behavior. 

When coyotes are trapped and killed, it opens a niche for more coyotes to move into the same habitat. And, right after the killings, when there are fewer coyotes occupying that local habitat, females find more food and produce larger litters. The result—more coyotes in the area and the killing cycle never ends.

A stable coyote population, by contrast, naturally keeps its numbers in check. As coyotes become “wise” — adapted to the habitat they occupy— they, too, learn the ropes of sharing an environment. With both humans and coyotes living within this balance, we get a win-win situation for everyone.

Please sign the petition for the Atlanta area. If you would like to schedule a short presentation for your neighborhood, or if you would like simply to talk about any coyote issues in your neighborhood and how they might be dealt with, please contact us at coyotecoexistence@gmail.com. If you send us a phone number, we will call you. And please spread the word to your neighbors and friends. If you would like to help out more with the effort, you may leave a comment in a moderated comment box in the Q&A section below, or email us at coyotecoexistence@gmail.com.

Thank you,

Meta, Linda and Janet