*COYOTES AS NEIGHBORS, by CoyoteCoexistence.Com, VIDEO in English-Spanish-Chinese

A “one stop” video on urban coyotes as neighbors, in English or Spanish or Mandarin Chinese. HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE OUR BIG PROTOCOL CHANGE (not in the video) FOR WHEN WALKING A DOG: The BEST POLICY ALWAYS IS TOTAL AVOIDANCE: Whether you see a coyote in the distance, approaching you, or at close range, leash your dog and walk away from it, avoiding any kind of confrontation or engagement. This will minimize the potential for dog/coyote interactions. If you feel inclined to shoo it away —  only do so if the coyote is very close, but even then our preferred approach now is TOTAL AVOIDANCE.

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click on image for written transcription of video

High Desert Dog published a written transcription of the “Coyotes As Neighbors” video in their Spring, 2015 edition. If you prefer READING rather than BEING SHOWN the information in the video, click on this image.

-Coyotes: 1:22
-Vocalizations: 6:06
-Coyotes And People: 9:19
-Shooing off A Coyote Generally: 13:22
-Coyotes And Pets: 14:22
-Shooing off a Coyote From Your Pet: 18:24
-Summary Guidelines for Individuals: 20:56
-Summary Guidelines for Pets: 21:33
-CoyoteCoexistence.Com: 28:25
-Who We Are: 28:44

Our video has been UPDATED again, 6-13-2013. We are making this video available for use by others who want to educate their neighborhoods about their coyote neighbors and guidelines for coexistence. Its cutting-edge, unique approach concentrates on coyote himself. A muted version will also be available for presentations at meetings, and so will shorter clips of specific sub-topics, such as “shooing-off”. Contact us at CoyoteCoexistence@gmail.com for more details.

Please make sure to give credit to CoyoteCoexistence.Com if you use this video. Also, please don’t make alterations. The reason for this is that, in the past, our photos and text material have been “extracted” and published out of context, with the result that the message was altered and even switched around from what was intended. This video contains ideas that depend on others within the video: alteration or partial use is forbidden.


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