*COYOTES AS NEIGHBORS, by CoyoteCoexistence.Com, VIDEO in English-Spanish-Chinese

A “one stop” video on urban coyotes as neighbors, in English or Spanish or Mandarin Chinese. *PLEASE NOTE A PROTOCOL CLARIFICATION FOR WHEN WALKING A DOG (not addressed in the video): Your safest option always is absolute, total, all-out AVOIDANCE: Whether you see a coyote in the distance, approaching you, or at close range, leash your dog and walk away from it, thus minimizing any potential dog/coyote confrontation or engagement. If you choose to shoo it away, follow the guidelines in the videos, but know that what’s safest is unmitigated avoidance.

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click on image for written transcription of video

High Desert Dog published a written transcription of the “Coyotes As Neighbors” video in their Spring, 2015 edition. If you prefer READING rather than BEING SHOWN the information in the video, click on this image.

-Coyotes: 1:22
-Vocalizations: 6:06
-Coyotes And People: 9:19
-Shooing off A Coyote Generally: 13:22
-Coyotes And Pets: 14:22
-Shooing off a Coyote From Your Pet: 18:24
-Summary Guidelines for Individuals: 20:56
-Summary Guidelines for Pets: 21:33
-CoyoteCoexistence.Com: 28:25
-Who We Are: 28:44



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